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State Links / Helpful Links 

At Florida's Best Real Estate School we make the process as easy as possible. Here are some helpful links to get you started, we also cover this in our course. 

Apply for License with DBPR 

You will need to apply for your Real Estate Associates License with Florida's Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). Click the link and follow the prompts. 


1. Select Type: Real Estate 

2. Click Apply for License , Real Estate Associates, Initial Application Sales Associate License (Form RE 1)

3. Click Apply Using Online Service or Appy Using a Printable Application

4. Follow instructions and fill form.

Schedule Your Finger Prints 

In order to get your Real Estate License you will need to have a back ground check done and your finger prints need to be taken. Click the link and follow the prompts

1. Click Schedule a New Appointment

2. Select Agency Name , DBPR - Real Estate Sales & Brokers

3. Input Zip Code

4. Select Location, Date, & Time to schedule 

5. Fill out Application Form then click submit 


Schedule State Exam

Once you have passed the course and received your certification for your pre licensing Real Estate training, then you will need to schedule a date and time to take your State Exam. Click the link and Create a Web Account to schedule.

Tip 1: Schedule in advanced, test centers fill up quickly and may take up to a month to find a opening in the Orlando Area. 

Tip 2: If testing centers in your area are booked up and you do not want to wait, try looking in the surrounding areas in smaller towns ex) Gainesville  



Check Application Status

During your course / training process, continually check your application status and find out what you need to fulfill / submit into the DBPR. You will need a fully approved Application to schedule the State Exam. 


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